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Established 2003

RazorSoft, Inc. was established in 2003 following on the heels of Silicon Prairie Software Company from circa 1997. Way back then we wrote software that enabled banks, utility companies, and other collectors to accept payments online and over the phone. This was all well before the rise of online payment systems!

The Early Internet

We moved onto the web around the same time. We designed, architected, and developed a very powerful, web-based CRM. Since then we have created websites, desktop applications, enterprise solutions, mobile apps, and much more.

Attention to Detail

Our work demonstrates our attention to detail. We want you to get what you want and we want your customers to have a great experience using your site, application, or mobile app.

User Experience – Theirs and Yours

User experience (UX) is key to a well-designed site, and it is surely at the forefront of design and implementation. But user experience matters for you too, not just for your end user. If you have to work with a site it is also most important that your experience is a positive one as well. We use websites, too. We know how to make things the way you want them.


Not only do we build excellent websites and apps, we are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From the very beginning your site will have built in SEO features.

On-going Support

It is important to note that RazorSoft does not leave you once the site or application is built.

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I have done the testing of the various processes, and I must say job well done.
~ Adien Huet
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We work with applications such as enterprise software that is used to run every aspect of a company.

We also create so-called simple websites.

We fix your problems with your existing web-based software.

We design websites and applications.

We create great mobile apps.

We create online storefronts.

We solve your business software needs.

We love to show you how great your ideas are.