Book your Orlando based, private, vacation home rental wherever and whenever, right in the palm of your hand with the VillaDirect App. The app is automatically suggested when visitors come to on an iOS device. An Android version of the app is also available in both the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

Ground work

In order for the app to work the data needed to be accessible. It just so happens that we designed, architected and built a secure API to expose the VillaDirect property data so it could be used by any authorized user on a site or in an app anywhere. Having that API completed before hand was intentional and planned. The API drives many sites for VillaDirect.

Without the API the app would not be possible.

The front end

We planned and designed a straightforward, simple interface. Just set a few options in the form and go.

Minimal data packets to transfer. Fast and doesn’t stress bandwidth. Using the image server also helps with this. We can call any size image. And in the app the image size is dynamic based on the size of the viewport in the device. And we thought of just about everything, one more example: the images are lazy loaded.


Using the app

Search, quote, and book

Finding the home of your dreams is a snap. Set the range for the number of bedrooms you might need, select the dates of your stay and tap the “Find my home” button.


Scroll through the available homes and select the one that meets your needs. You can see enough details in the search results to quickly find the home you are seeking. Tap the “VIEW DETAILS” button to see the property summary.


The property summary page offers all the details you need including lots of photos, rates, availability calendar, and more. Tap for an instant quote. Or tap to call the reservations center to get quotes and make a booking.


The overview shows some important bullet point data. Swipe for photos, rates, availability calendar, and more.


The description tells you all about the property.


The photos load on demand using a continuous scroll. Each photo has a caption with details about the image contents.


A listing of the amenities in the home.


Scroll through the availability calendar to find dates you might want to book.


The rate table shows the rates and season dates.


Tap BOOK NOW and the app asks if you want to call the toll free number.


With INSTANT QUOTE you can see just how much it will cost you. From here you can tap the button to book.



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