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MaestroWS API

Apr. 1, 2018 by

MaestroWS API MaestroWS Exposes a Powerful API In order to support multiple applications that needed to use the same data, we added an API layer. The API provides for secure access to resources that are consumed by mobile apps, SMS

WordPress Compressor

Dec. 11, 2017 by

WordPress Compressor Our client demonstrated a need to speed up their page load times. They had some issues related to their CMS that we were able to mitigate with an elegant, easy to use solution. The plugin that we designed, Home iPhone

Dynamic Digital Image Delivery Service

Dec. 11, 2017 by

Dynamic Image Delivery Service Our client demonstrated a need to deliver images at varying sizes for various platforms. Of course, this needed to be fast and easy. We built an image service to deliver optimized image files at any size