Posted by on April 1, 2018

MaestroWS API

MaestroWS Exposes a Powerful API

In order to support multiple applications that needed to use the same data, we added an API layer. The API provides for secure access to resources that are consumed by mobile apps, SMS services, websites, and enterprise applications.

For example, a website needs to request data from a database or databases, but it needs only specific data based on information that it sends to the API in the request. The API handles the request and responds with the data that was specified.

The data used by the API is kept in another secured and separated layer.

MaestroWS API exposes various functionality that is used across all the different software needs that the client has.

It handles data both to and from the database server. It helps control program flow.

Because it is a separate layer the functionality that it exposes makes it almost a drop-in to gain access to the backend that is needed to power these sites and apps. Without it, there would be a lot more code written, a lot more time taken, and a lot more money spent.


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